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You have a choice of three colours – black, red and white, and a choice of sizes – 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm and 22mm (not all straps are available in all variations).  

This refers to the width of the gap between the two stanchions which house the strap.  If you are unsure, the size is stamped on the inside of the watch strap; try angling a light, or sunlight, over it if it is not immediately apparent.  For some sizes, an extra long strap is available; the total length of the XL strap is 92mm from the securing point to the buckle pin position, plus 103mm from the securing point to the last hole; total 195mm.

The Aura model is a very distinctive watch.  The black or white leather strap is interchangeable one with the other.  The securing mechanism is a small round screw which is undone with a 5 centime piece or similar.  As you can see from the photo, there is a hole in the strap where the watch is fitted.

The Stop2Go watch is quite a chunky watch, so a special 20mm strap is required which is thicker than the other 20mm straps.  This watch is the only Mondaine that stops for 2 seconds when the second hand reaches 12; the minute hand then moves to the next marker.  If you would like to see more of the watch, or to buy it, click here.