Mondaine Replacement strap for the Retro – 106250

The Retro watch is again a very distinctive watch.  The strap housing part is part of the watch and follows the line of the casing.  The strap also follows the contour of the circumference of the watch face; i.e. there is no gap between the strap and the watch.



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Product Description

Authentic Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch Strap with Mondaine stamped on the inside of the leather strap and embossed on the buckle.

This version is for the RETRO model; the distinguishing feature of this watch is the way the strap follows the contour or circumference of the watch.

THIS WATCH IS NOW DISCONTINUED.  The remaining available straps are shown on this site.  Black leather straps – 14mm and 20mm are now only available in XL sizes.  For reference, the dimensions are below:

Buckle end of the strap, excluding the buckle itself, the length is; 14mm width is 65mm long, the 20mm width is 85mm long.

The tail end of the strap length is: 14mm is 125mm long, and the 20mm width is 130mm long.