Mondaine strap with red lining


Mondaine strap with red lining.

This swiss railway watch strap comes in three sizes – 16, 18 and 20mm width.  They are a fashion item, and as long as your watch is one of those widths, this startling strap will be suitable.  It is plain and without stitching.  To identify your existing strap width, see here.

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Mondaine strap with red lining.

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Additional information


16mm, 18mm, 20mm

Buckle finish

Brushed mat, Shiny

Fitting information

Fitting your watch strap.  Hopefully this is self-explanatory and we show you how to change the strap without the use of the springbar removal tool (which you may have noticed, we sell, just in case you prefer to use one).  It is simple, but a little fiddly, and some patience is required, so allow a little time so as not to rush it.  You may find a scotch or two helpful, maybe not, but certainly as a reward afterwards. Big tip number one! Replace one part of the strap at a time, that way, you don’t put the strap on the wrong way round….just sayin…. Learn from our mistakes!

First off – get a sharp blade such as a Stanley knife and cut off the old strap where it joins the springbar.

Get a very small flat-bladed screwdriver and insert it at one end of the springbar between it and the lug or stanchioni holding the bar in place.  Pull the screwdriver towards the opposite end of the springbar and this should compress it and release it from the hole in the stanchion.  Voila.  Pat yourself on the back and take a head high walk round.

Putting on the new strap – insert the springbar into the hole at the end of the strap (if it arrives un-inserted.  Take one end of the strap and insert it into the hole in the stanchion.  Try to find the very small flat-bladed screwdriver (which you may well have discarded in your heady momennt of success) and compress the loose end of the springbar towards the end that is inserted into the opposite stanchion.  Once compressed, jiggle it about a bit so that it introduces itself into the hole that awaits it.  Once in, take a second self-satisfied strut around the room – well done.  Now repeat on the other side!

Just in case this didn’t make sense, this video will make things clearer (we hope!).