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Mondaine the watch company

The clock displayed at all the stations of the Swiss federal railways (SBB) has become a design classic. It was created in the 1940s by engineer and designer Hans Hilfiker (1901-93), who at that time was an SBB employee. The SBB wanted a clock that would not only guarantee the smooth running of the trains, but would become part of their national image.

The clock face is simple and strong. The hour and minute marks are denoted by black lines on the white face; the hour and minute hands are also black. Against this black and white background the red second hand stands out. It was nicknamed the “rote Kelle” or “red signal” because of the red disc at the end of it, mimicking the hand-held signal which the station manager used to wave to tell the driver the train could leave. The red hand pauses for 1.5 seconds when it reaches the top of the minute and is clearly visible at a distance. It has become a symbol of Swiss punctuality.

In 1986 the Swiss watchmaker Mondaine launched a copyrighted watch and clock collection based on this classic design; Mondaine’s Official Swiss Railways SBB Watch has itself been named one of the 10 classic watch-making designs to have come from Switzerland. It has also been selected by the London Design Museum and the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) as one of the most iconic examples of 20th century design.

About Mondaine | The Swiss Railwatch maker

The brand is so popular that its design range needs no introduction. The key features of the brand are popular by means of ‘Railway Watch’ which is renowned worldwide. Hans Hilfiker, a well-known Swiss Engineer, Designer and an employee of the Swiss Federal Railways, shaped a patented archetypal Railway Clock during the 1940s.