Which Strap?


    • Stitching – does the strap have it or is it plain? The most popular Mondaine watches are plain, without stitching.  If it has stitching, it is either white or black.

    • Material – black or red leather, woven mesh or steel bracelet.  Not all sizes come in all materials colours.

    • Size – ie the width of the strap.  On the rear of the strap, usually on the end of the “tail” side that goes into the buckle, is a number.  Because of wear, you may need to angle a light on it to make it clearer.  This number (12,16,or 18 for example) is the width size in mm.  Alternatively, or if the number is not visible, the width of the strap is determined by the gap between the two stanchions or shoulders into which the strap nestles.  Use a ruler to measure this gap – but beware that the differences between the sizes is only 2mm and this is where the care is required.  Don’t measure the strap as it may have stretched.

      You also need to know the length of the strap.  Most Mondaine watches come in a standard length at purchase.  It this is too tight, maybe an XL version would be more comfortable; but not all straps have an XL option

    • Buckle finish – which finish would you like for the buckle – shiny or mat brushed, or black?  Usually, black face watches come in a brushed steel finish and so the buckle can be matched. If this is not important to you select “whatever!” when making your selection.