My Chronograph doesn’t go to zero

Sometimes when you zero your Chronograph after using the stop watch and pause function, the second hand does not go back to zero.  You need to reset it and this is how you do it!

Instructions for re-setting.
On the right are 3 buttons lettered from the top A, B and C, and you will need to adjust the second hand (S), the 10th second elapsed hand (10th), and the minute elapsed hand (M).

1. Pull crown button B out to position 2. Press buttons A and C simultaneously for at least 2 seconds. This enters the adjustment mode.

2.  Adjusting second hand (S). Press A and the hand will move once; press sufficiently to allow chrono second hand to work towards 12 at the top. Confirm the adjustment by pressing button C.
3.  Adjusting 10th second hand (10th). Press A as above and it will move once, continue until the hand goes to 10 or 0 at the tiop. Confirm the adjustment by pressing button C
4.  Adjusting chrono minute hand (M). Press button A until the hand is set to 30. Confirm the adjustment by pressing button C
5.  Press B crown button back in and this is now reset.
Tip – for fast forwarding button A, press and hold for at least 1 second.