Will I get this reaction to Mondaine watches?

I am sensitive to some base metals and especially have an allergic reaction to Nickel.  Will I get this reaction to Mondaine watches?

Mondaine, as a thoroughly responsible company, subjects all of its range to stringent tess to ensure they comply with EC and International standards.

To quote them:

The materials used by Mondaine are subjected to severe tests in order to avoid allergies. For those who are hyper-sensitive to stainless steel we recommend you buy a watch which is made from titanium, gold or plastic.

Can’t say fairer than that!  Most good retailers will I am sure be prepared to let you test drive the model you are interested in to see if there is a reaction.  Obviously, you would need to return the watch in perfect condition if you prove to be a reactor.

How to buy a Mondaine watch

How to buy a Mondaine watch

5 Steps to Heaven Or Choosing your Mondaine Watch

Determine your price point.
Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Or once you have refined your choice then revisit your budget to see if you are still within your objectives. Generally, mechanical watches, by nature of their movements, are more costly than quartz watches, but there are a number of other factors that affect the cost of watches.

Let your lifestyle and environment be your guide.
The selection of a watch, in terms of style, design and brand, is purely based on individual taste. But there are a few factors that you should consider when selecting a watch from the Mondaine stable. All the watches are of superb quality but certain watches will do certain jobs better than others.

To get started, ask yourself a few simple questions:

* What is your lifestyle?
* In what type of environment will you wear the watch?
* In what types of activities will you participate while wearing the watch?

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, and no rigorous hobbies such as gardening, then perhaps a simple clear watch like the basic EVO is for you. If you are older, or have restricted vision, then again this watch may be for you. Gardening and simple DIY tasks are no problem for this watch, but if you have more rugged or demanding hobbies you might think a more robust watch would be better. Variations include Date or Day Date options which are clearly visible.

To get started, ask yourself a few simple questions:
If your live a casual lifestyle, enjoy sports and outdoor activities, and your watch will occasionally be exposed to the elements, consider purchasing a sports watch. If you’re a sports-enthusiast, think about a chronograph which features a stopwatch function. If your lifestyle revolves around the corporate world and you want a watch that projects a professional image, consider the classic and timeless design. For a traditional look, choose a leather strap. For a look with a modern edge, select a larger size with a steel metal bracelet. Above all, when selecting your watch, look for one that conveys your unique personality and individuality. The watch must ultimately be one that you love.

Consider the maintenance the watch will require.
The manual automatic watch should be cleaned and serviced every three years or so to ensure trouble-free time keeping and to retain the value of the watch. In quartz (battery operated) watches, the watch should be serviced when the battery is replaced. A watch battery usually lasts between two and five years, depending on the type of watch. When the second hand starts jumping every five seconds, it is time to have the battery replaced. Because the majority of people own quartz watches, it is very critical to stress that battery changes should be done by Mondaine authorised service center. If for some reason this is not possible the battery change should be done by a professional watchmaker. The reason for this is that during the battery replacement, the o-ring (gasket) must also be replaced and reattached to the back cover of the watch, then the watch must be properly sealed and undergo a water resistance test. A wide variety of businesses now offer “while-you-wait battery replacements,” allowing you to walk away happy with a new battery and a watch that is once again running. Unfortunately, you may later be disappointed to find water droplets on the dial of your watch, or worse yet, no signs of leakage–that is until your watch stops completely. Then it may be too late to repair the watch without a complete overhaul.

Consider your wrist size.
How big is your existing watch and are you happy with the size and profile? Are you thin wristed or large wristed? If you do not have a preference, check the circumference of your wrist and the measurement across the wrist where you normally wear a watch. Mondaine watches for men vary from 38-43mm. Some people prefer to wear a large watch to make a fashion statement – do you favour this?

Before you take the dive, check for water-resistance!
Water-resistance is measured in bars (unit of pressure, 1 bar being equivalent to 1 atmosphere), and watches are tested at these pressures for a certain period of time. Exceptional pressure, as when diving, may exceed those limits, so if you are a diving enthusiast you will need a watch that can tolerate those conditions. As a general rule, the following guidelines apply: 3 atm (30 m or 100 ft): rain, gentle splash, swimming, splashing in pool, but not heavy diving or jumping 10 atm (100 m or 330 ft): minimum for sport diving 20 atm or more for serious diving

The above is only intended to clarify the choice process – above all enjoy your purchasing process, as it should be as enjoyable as wearing it. Don’t forget, your Mondaine retailer is experienced at this process so talk to them and ask their opinions.