Mondaine videos

(hopefully) Helpful Videos

A couple of videos which will assist we hope for he DIYers amongst you. It is easy, but is a little fiddly.
changing a Mondaine swiss railway watch strap without a remover tool.
Using the springbar remover tool.

And for the Mondaine nuts amongst you…

A couple of videos from the Mondaine collection

Download and watch our collection of Mondaine watch videos, sourced from our partner, supplier website. All copyrights and relevant credit is with Mondaine, the watch producer at

evo2 – It’s time for an evolution!

Continuing the unification of the classical with the revolutionary, Mondaine has created a successor to the classic and revered Mondaine SBB evo – the Mondaine SBB evo2.

The new Mondaine SBB evo2 has been subtly refined for contemporary life. Its slightly rounded shape with an almost seamless transition to its case back has been ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort. Refined case lugs and a new functional crown sit in perfect proportion throughout the whole collection for precise balance.

Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016 – from a loc to your wrist

As homage to this famous locomotive and to celebrate the opening of the Gottardo, Europe’s longest tunnel, Mondaine crafted a special and limited edition of its famous stop2go watch.

Mr. Sigi Liechti was the engine driver of the legendary Ae 6/6 locomotive for many years. Enjoy the journey of the, now retired, train through the eyes of its driver and it’s connection to a very special and limited watch.