Where can I get my Mondaine serviced?

Mondaine watches are hard wearing and made to a high standard, but even so, occasionally the watch will need a service to maintain it.  The Mondaine service centre offers a range of services to keep you on time.

They offer a partial maintenance from a bracelet sizing service around £15 or so, or more complicated work including:

  • Rating/regulating check
  • replace crown, gaskets and a new battery where needed
  • water resistance control
  • Case and bracelet cleaning
  • Final bench testing

Costs vary according to the sophistication of the watch but expect to pay £20-£35 or so.

There is also a complete maintenance service:

  • Movement dissembling, cleaning, reassembling, oiling, regulating and functions checked
  • Replace crown, gaskets and battery where necessary.
  • Repair or replacement of worn movement parts
  • Water resistance control and case and bracelet cleaning and bench testing.

Expect to pay £50-£80 or so, and of course parts are extra.

Another optional service restores your watch to near perfect condition, with cleaning, polishing and scratch removal.  This is not a guaranteed restoration as obviously it depends on the depth of scratches etc.  But talk to them and get advice.

The address is:
Mondaine Service Centre,
Locker Hull and Thornton Ltd
10 High View Close
Vantage Business Park

01664-420003 or mondaine@lockerhullthornton.com
Go to site.

A word of sensible advice – do use a “signed for” delivery service (Royal mail is perfect) and attach a tag with your details on it.  Do feel free to ask for an estimate. Allow a couple of weeks for diagnosis and estimate, and another couple or so from go ahead for the work to be completed.

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  1. Where can I get my Mondaine travel clock serviced? It started going wrong while still under guarantee, but the UK company that represented itself as the Mondaine agent never replied to me. My husband bought it in Geneva, and has not been back for two years. Of course, now it is out of guarantee and the shop where he bought it refused to help, even though I had also kept the receipt for the battery I had bought within the guarantee period – which did not fix the problem. Advice please.

  2. Just follow the contact details in the post above. All the instructions are there on how to contact them, or just send the clock. They are very good, and in our experience reliable, and they are the authorised repair agents. Alternatively, you could use a local repairer but in all such cases we think it is wise to talk to the people who know!

  3. Hello
    I bought my Mondaine simply elegant watch with the kinetic energy source 1 year ago. The clock is approximately running two minutes slow every day. Were can I get it serviced at. I live in Ireland

  4. Dear Mondaine,

    Primo this month I bought a “Mondaine Evo Gents Analogue watch” through Amazon.com.uk. The ID tag shows: A658.30300.11SBB – GGI.D185 – 7 611382 002310.
    and Amazon.co.uk Invoice ID:
    Watch. Mondaine. B0009362AU : 162088322464

    Problem: the second hand stops most of the time between minute bars. It is of little practical importance but it displeases the eye expecting such matter to be in order on an “Official Swiss Railway Watch” – that is, that the second hand stops at minute bars and not between them. It has seen to be stopping at the right “platforms” (minute bars) but only for a brief period initially – strange?

    What is your opinion on this issue? – is it to be expected/accepted, or is it beyond the quality scope of this product?

    I sent this message to Amazon.co.uk, who in return suggested initially to contact you for comments.

    Kind regards
    Erik Klenum

  5. I have a Mondaine Travel clock which I have owned for a few years. Recently it has started to lose time and it is not the battery as I have had a new one put in but it is still losing time.

    Can you give me an estimate of how much it would be to get it fixed?

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