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Based on the design of the Swiss Railway clocks that grace that country’s railways, Mondaine’s authorised translation of the original 1940’s design is a simple and clear evocation of an era in the UK when trains ran on time. From the simple movement of the conductor’s hand held red bat, incorporated into the second hand, the train moves out, and Swiss precision moves in.

The original Hilfiker design has now been adapted by Mondaine into several sub-ranges of watches. The Classic range was the first to be released and had the then unique aspect of being recycled brass cases. Once the chrome had become scratched or otherwise marked, the brass started to show through to make a wonderful loved appearance. The Evolution mark 1 range rounded the edges and made it sit a little more comfortably on the wrist, and was kinder to shirt cuffs. This was followed recently by the Evolution mark 2 range which was evolution itself rather than revolution.

Various other ranges were added including Sport, Sport 2, Retro, Day date mechanisms and the famous big date. Then they cracked the problem of replicating the way the stations clocks worked and stop2go was born.